On February 21, 2017 in University Of International business was meeting with participation of the faculty and students of UIB devoted to the 150 anniversary of the famous Kazakh social and political figure, leader of the movement “Alash Orda” – Alikhan Bukeykhanov. The meeting was organized by department of social and economic sciences. The associate professor of UMB Tazhina Gayniya Orazbekovna acted as the moderator of a meeting. At a meeting there were scientific alikhanoved which study scientific, political, historical heritage of Alikhan Bukeykhanov. Guests were Ismakova Aygul – the Doctor of Philology, professor of Institute of literature and art of M. O. Auezov MAUN RK; Mukhametzhanov Azamat is the participant of the project, Golovkina Aleksandra Borisovna – the director of Mostdorproyekt, the widow of the grandnephew Alikhan Bukeykhanov. Aleksandra Borisovna presented the book written by her late husband Syrym Bukeykhanov about creative life of Alikhan Bukeykhanov “Өткен күнде белгі бар”. The book comprises important documents, letters, photos and memories of relatives of the great ancestor. In it it is also told about tragic events in A. Bukeykhanov’s life. Relatives and friends of the family of Alikhan took active part in creation of the book: generously shared the memories, thoughts, impressions about last days. Alexsandra Borisovna donated several copies of this valuable book to UMB library.
During the meeting Ismakova Aygul acquainted audience with the researches in the field of creative heritage of Alikhan Bukeykhanov. Aygul Ismakova told about the little-known, but the most interesting facts from A. Bukeykhanov’s life: to his study in St. Petersburg, circumstances of acquaintance to such persons, significant for history, as with the general – the governor Semirechya – Kolpakovsky, Lenin, Stalin, Kerensky. Professor Ismakova told about Bukeykhanov’s participation in delimitation of the territory of Kazakhstan as a part of the USSR. Professor emphasized that life and Alikhan Bukeykhanov’s activity is for modern youth a striking example of unconditional love to the Homeland, diligence, aspirations to knowledge and leadership skills.
Mukhametzhanov Azamat is the participant of the In the wake of Bukeykhanov project of the Kazakh geographical society – told about the expedition which was taking place in the cities and the areas of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus about the places connected with life and Bukeykhanov’s activity.