Dear students and entrants!

We are glad to inform you of the excellent news! The bachelor’s degree program “Accounting and Audit” of the University of International Business has successfully passed the accreditation of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in three languages ​​of instruction.
ACCA is an international association of finance and accounting professionals with more than 188,000 members and more than 480,000 students in 181 countries, helping them build a brilliant career with the business skills required. More than 100 offices and centers around the world, as well as 8,500 accredited employers, provide high standards of training and development for ACCA members and students.
ACCA qualification is designed to provide professional knowledge, skills and skills, and also gives the owners confidence that they will always be in demand in the labor market in accounting, auditing and finance.

We express gratitude to the teaching staff of the Department of Finance and Accounting for the work done!