Career center acts as a key interlink between university and a labor market i.e. employers. Constantly extending partnerships with companies-employers allow Career center of the UIB to collect and monitor interests and requirements of the companies and project them on possibility of the university, its students and other attendants. It helps university’s students to gain extensive knowledge of specificity of concrete companies’ activity and get practical experience while keeping within university’s doors.

Career center consolidates partnership relations by signing short-term and long-term official contracts on cooperation which allow having not only practical training but also granting rights to work in various domains of economic, technical and humanitarian profile.

To assist in finding a place of practice and employment Career Center is constantly working to expand the network of the UIB’s strategic partners, so far there are 250 regular business contacts of companies-partners in the University’s database of employers.

Having contacted Career center every student of the UIB can get detailed information about the companies’ activities and get an opportunity to pass fact-finding, work practice or externship. In this format the student is able to pass the first steps in making successful career.

An integral component of activity of the UIB’s Career center is the organization and holding of regular business meetings, master classes and guest lectures. In the course of such events everyone can get first hand information on the scope and specifics of the company, find out about vacant positions and  based on their experience, even small, can plan their activities.

Thanks to good relations of University with the companies, partners and employers willingly accept students on the terms of a part-time employment where without prejudice to the training students get not only practical experience, but also accumulate record of work.

In addition trainings on preparation for making successful career are regularly conducted encompassing the technique of negotiating, self-presentation, breakdown resume and etc. These trainings help to form up not only confidence but also give chance to put clear position of the student in front of the employer.

The next type of cooperation with the companies is already proven and spinning up event in the form of annual spring and autumn Career Fairs. As experience has shown these meetings are the most effective way to approach students and graduates with employers.     Until recently such activities have been organised once a year, since 2007 – it is held twice a year.

About 35-40 companies take part in each Career Fair. Herewith each participating company gets a full database of students and graduates and can conduct interviews with each applicant at any convenient time.

Career center also maintains a database of the UIB’s graduates, where the information about the graduates is collected. Technical capabilities of the database allow creating an inquiry by using specific characteristics for searching of the suitable applicant for the particular position.