Founded in 1992, the University of International Business (UIB) is a higher education institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  Clearly a leader in its sphere, UIB occupies a place of honor among the 60 leading universities of Kazakhstan.

After 25 years of offering higher education, its programs have developed in such a way as to combine the best traditions of academic study with advanced technology in contemporary business education.

Today UIB is a specialized institution with programs in the Humanities and Economics and extensive experience in training highly qualified specialists who are able to conduct business and act as leaders in various sectors of the economy.

UIB is a recognized university with three stages of education, including:

  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Master’s Programs
  • Doctoral Programs
  • An MBA Program
  • A Foundation Program

Within this structure, applicants and students are able to realize their highest career goals by creating their own track of higher and postgraduate education.

Confirmation of UIB’s status among the higher education institutions of Kazakhstan is confirmed by its stable position in the most authoritative ranking tables.

The university has successfully implemented credit and distance learning technology that enables it to comply with international educational standards. Thanks to the introduction of innovations in its educational activities, the university maintains extensive links with the largest higher education institutions of Russia, the USA, Europe and Asia, implementing joint projects and exchange programs for students and lecturers.

Why UIB?

Different universities have different histories, different cultures, different values. At the heart of university life at UIB there is each student’s personality, intellectual capacity and independence.

We focus on the new demands of the market and employers. In our university, you acquire not only knowledge, but also a set of skills for personal effectiveness. These skills will help you to adapt to any profession and a successful career.

Only here can you get two degrees in 4 years: Kazakh, Polish and American.  We have both state and international accreditation! This means that your degree will be recognized worldwide.

We have an excellent combination of value and quality of education, as well as resource capabilities for education at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, MBA, PhD).