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For the direction of training

7M041 – Business and management + 7M 111 service Sector

Period of study:
Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.

Language of instruction:

Three modules are planned: Financial Economics, Management and Organization, Marketing and communications, aimed at obtaining knowledge for the design of effective products, strategy, marketing policy, negotiation procedures, contracts, study of financial portfolios in business, planning and improvement of state economic policy, opportunities — personal career

Undergraduates will acquire skills of deep understanding of the economy, as well as skills to adapt strategies and policies different from rational behavior

A popular international program for ambitious and inquisitive students — a Push to the right decisions

History and philosophy of science

Foreign language (professional)

Pedagogy of higher education (KAZ)


Economics of Technology and E-Commerce

Microeconomics: Theory of Firm and Consumer

Game Theory in microeconomics and macroeconomics

Probability and statistics for the economy

Design thinking

Time series analysis

Applied microeconomic and macroeconomic theory

Industry Economics// legal support of business////Introduction to Python/// Big Data Analytics for Marketing Insight// Management and financial analysis// Advanced English

Applied Value Investing

Taxation ACCA

Economic modeling and forecasting

Industrial organization: policy and regulation

Ability to view the economy and business from the perspective of public institutions and institutional instruments

The ability to recognize and assess the impact that institutional relationships (of ownership, mergers and acquisitions, relations between the state and business, etc.) have on the activities of the company

The ability to apply systematic and situational approaches to analysis and to solve practical problems of the economy.

International program

Academic mobility

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Erasmus +

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Conditions of admission to master’s degree

master’s program with Kazakh or Russian language of study – a comprehensive test consisting of a test in a foreign language (English, French, German at choice), a test on the profile of a group of educational programs, a test to determine readiness for training;

master’s degree in English – a comprehensive test consisting of a test on the profile of a group of educational programs in English and a test to determine the readiness to study in English;

The deadline for applications is from 3 to 25 July of the calendar year.

Entrance examinations are held from 8 to 16 August

What documents are required?

  • application on a standard form (issued by the selection Committee);
  • copy of the document on higher education with Appendix;
  • a copy of the certificate entitling to exemption from the entrance examination in a foreign language (if any)
  • personal form of accounting personnel and a copy of the document certifying work experience (for those with seniority);
  • copy of employment record book (for employed persons);
  • six photos in size 3×4;
  • medical certificate form № 086-U;
  • the fluoroscopy;
  • copy of identity card;
  • certificate of registration (for boys).
  • list of scientific and methodical works, certified by the scientific Secretary; copies of copyright certificates, diplomas, etc. (if any).