Dear applicants, students and parents!

I am glad to meet you at University of International Business.

Our University turns 25 this year. Through the years, we have been able to demonstrate high quality educational services, and to reach new heights for the whole educational market.

During this period, UIB has received recognition from employers and applicants, it passed international accreditations of its academic programs, turned out over 30 thousand specialists having state-of-art knowledge, and competencies in demand with our national economy.

UIB possesses high potential of its teaching staff, up-to-date infrastructure and is known by its traditions of eventful students life.

In fact, during his studies at institution, a student has to pass through all stages of acquiring academic background knowledge, development of skills and involvement into social communication environment with his peers and lecturers.

This year, we commence implementation of innovative experimental academic programs developed jointly with the association of employers, and reviewed kindly by the employment market. Correct choice of academic program has a direct impact on enhancement of final competitive ability of a graduate with market-required knowledge and competencies.

Modern life path to success is closely associated with the institution, where a man has been taught and acquired knowledge. We propose our programs, which are based on state-of-art multidisciplinary knowledge and scientific achievements.

While keeping the spirit of academic freedoms, traditions and honour, we will proceed with modernization of an educational process improving its efficiency for ensuring the highest level of quality of education.


President, UIB

Darkhan Akhmed-Zaki