Фото с проф.Анна Бачински и Директором Офиса Международных тношений Валентиной Гумински

Associate Professor of the Department of Social-Cultural Sciences
wth a successful course conductingin the Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland!
From March 26 to April 2, 2017, Gayniy Orazbekovna conducted a course “Leadership” in the format of “lectures and discussion seminars” as part of the “TeachingMobilityundertheErasmus + Program” program.During this time she delivered lectures, discussion seminars on tasks that students received in advance to prepare for classes and independent work. Students also completed individual projects and created a portfolio of “My Leadership Potential”; She also conducted an exam and even gave scores for students !!! And the students were undergraduates of the specialty “Management” from France, University of Caen Normandy, studying on the exchange program in Kozminski University!
Gainiya Orazbekovna held meetings with professors of the Kozminski University on potential cooperation in the field of scientific research and development of grant research projects.