Doctoral degree

In the transition to a two-tier system of education, PhD is the highest degree, awarded in accordance with the Bologna Process, as of which Kazakhstan is a participant.

Professional activity of PhD holders is connected both with the research and teaching activities, as well as with work in business and public service.

Those who have fully complied with the educational program of doctoral studies, and successfully defended their doctoral thesis, are awarded the diploma of “Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)» on the relevant field of study, according to the state standards.

Doctoral program PhD is a professional educational program of postgraduate education aimed at training scientific and pedagogical staff, awarding of the degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) after studying for at least 3 years. It involves fundamental educational, methodological and research training and in-depth study of finance and economy.

In the course of doctoral studies PhD students can realize all the opportunities to engage in research activities, such as:

  • access to all library resources and electronic catalogs;
  • opportunities to consult with the supervisors and other professors;
  • consultation possibilities with leading scientists from many foreign universities;
  • the possibility of research and internship abroad.

Scientific work or doctoral thesis is an independent study which develops theoretical positions and their combination can be described as a new scientific achievement. The scientific work of a doctoral student may be focused on solving of current socio-economical, scientific-or technical problems with the proposals for new methods and solutions through the applied research and examples of some certain companies and organizations.

Scientific work has its own structure, which describes the problems, goals and objectives, novelty and relevance of the research problem, its theoretical and practical framework, the analysis and conclusions.

Admission to doctoral studies

Admission of documents is carried out from 10th  to 30th  July.

Documents required:

  • Application for the Top manager;
  • Justification of the proposed dissertation research, consistent with the alleged domestic or foreign scientific consultant;
  • A copy of the identity card;
  • A copy of the document about education;
  • A copy of the certificate of a foreign language test
  • List of scientific and methodological papers (if any);
  • Six photographs 3 × 4 cm;
  • Medical certificate, form 086-U;
  • document confirming 3 years labor activities.

*** Together with copies of documents to the Admissions Office there should be provided the originals for verification. After verification, the originals are returned to applicants.

Formation of a contingent of doctoral (PhD) applicants of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out by placing the state educational order for the training of scientific and pedagogical staff. Enrollment of applicants concerns people, having academic degree of “Master” or “PhD”.

Stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan can participate on a competitive basis in accordance with the state educational order free postgraduate education, if the education they receive at this level for the first time, with the exception of military educational institutions.

The right to receive free postgraduate education on a competitive basis by foreigners in accordance with the state educational order is determined by international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Admission to the doctorate is carried out on a competitive basis according to the results of entrance examinations.

Entrance examinations are held from 10th  to 20th  August. These include:

  • foreign language (English, French or German)
  • exam on specialized subjects