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Choose a profession rightly!

Labor market requirements are changing every day. How in these conditions, to choose a profession that will be in demand and will be a matter of your life?

It’s extremely difficult to make a prognosis, but you can still trace the trends. For example, there are branches of industry, which “can be relied upon.” We offer the following majors that will always be in demand, and our new and unique specialty “two in one”

The Department of Social- Economic science


Graduates who have graduated from University of International Business in the specialty “Journalism” work on television, radio journalism and leading mass media of Kazakhstan and the world. They head the PR-agencies, dealing with marketing. They translate and edit texts, make advertising, teaching business communication and public speaking to the employees of different companies. This profession has a lot of opportunities for application.

International law

The program “International Law” provides an opportunity to show leadership in the field of international economics, trade and politics. International lawyers will have the skills of teamwork, professionally solve complex international problems. Graduates of the program can manifest themselves in the various fields and areas of activity, especially in an open economy, in areas such as foreign and international law.

International relations (AQA program accreditation)

Big changes are taking place in international relations at the turn of the millennium, it entails a new vision of historical processes, new approaches. All this directly influences the assessment of the events, the relationship between different countries, the development of new approaches to the international relations. In this regard, we are preparing highly qualified personnel, experts in their field.

State and local governance

State and local governance is the specialty focused on creation of an effective management system in national economy, its branches and regions. Graduates of this specialty get knowledge in the sphere of management and law, political science and economics, psychology, sociology and other sciences.


You will study the spiritual sphere and the laws of human behavior correction, use this knowledge to help people and to optimize their performance. Today, there is an ample scope of application of your knowledge as a psychologist, a work coacher, trainers, NLP techniques in psychological counseling centers, schools, kindergartens, on the help lines.

Economy (AQA program accreditation)

You will become an effective financial manager, because the stability of the company depends on you. You will be taught how to safely manage the financial performance of the company and become an indispensable economic expert in any industry.
The new word in the market of education – specialty «2 in 1»

Economics and Law

During the new global economy, there was raised a question about educating lawyers with the economy knowledge: lawyers in business, arbitration, in the investigation of economic crimes in the area of ​​commercial law.
We begin to develop a tradition of training lawyers of economic knowledge: lawyers and economists, all in one.This is specifically designed for the purpose of preparation of bachelors, who may have a very broad scope of application of their knowledge.

Business Administration

Business Administration – is a flexible profession, which in future will help to manage HR,s business and projects successfully in an unstable competitive environment.
Bachelors of this program “Business Administration” must have comprehensive knowledge in the following areas, such as : economist manager, marketing specialist, finance and accounting, professional manager and business analyst as well as the future of the business owner, the head of state enterprises and private companies.

Economics and Management

At the present stage being just “an economist” makes it rather difficult to find a good job. The country needs economists, who set a direction to all the employees who have proper priorities and goals in order to get the maximum profit with minimal losses.
In the economy of our country, labor productivity is much lower than in other developed countries. Why do we have such a result? Obviously, it comes from the lack of knowledge of entrepreneurs, managers and economists from the inability to create an effective business strategy. When a businessman does not clearly understand the structure, from which he develops profitability, and how, for example, the marginal pricing can increase the profitability of this, it slows down not only his business, but also the process of growth of the economy as a whole.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We have formed a specialty “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” in order to make a step towards the transformation of Kazakhstan from a raw materials appendage to the centre of innovations. This is a unique business proposition, which turns an ordinary university into a much more practical one, producing a generation of creative and enterprising inventors and leaders of innovation in the business environment, who will have no rivals.

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