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International relations

CODE: 6М020200


Profile direction – 1 year;
Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.


Russian, Kazakh, English

Master’s degree in “International relations” in the UIB is: Specialty “International relations” at UIB University trains highly qualified specialists in the field of international relations and diplomacy for the MFA of Kazakhstan, its foreign institutions, government agencies, public organizations, legislative and Executive authorities. The uniqueness of training bachelors and masters in this specialty at the University of International Business is a highly professional teaching staff, fundamental language training of future specialists, subjects and content of disciplines corresponding to the programs of the world’s best universities, wide opportunities for academic mobility and double-triple diplomas. The educational program at UIB University corresponds to the programs of Lomonosov Moscow state University and the University of the USA.

Skills acquired

Fluency in foreign languages

Creation and implementation of international projects

Determination and justification of geopolitical interests of Kazakhstan

Drafting of diplomatic documents