Master program at the University of International Business was opened in the middle of 2000 as a reflection of the global tendency focused on unification and achievement of quality education within the frameworks of the Bologna process.

 Master program is an independent level in two-level system of higher professional and postgraduate education, which allows you to:

Training of masters is focused on the implementation of research and teaching activities, as well as highly practical work that determines the direction of the Master’s program:

The master’s program is taught in three languages ​​(Kazakh, Russian and English):

Admission to the Master’s program

Admission of documents for the Masters’  degree program is done by 30th  July of the current year. Admission of certificates of the English language to the Master’s  degree program is done  by 15th  August of the current year.

Applicants for  the Master’s degree  must pass 2 entrance exams:

A prospective  graduate student must have all the prerequisites necessary to study on the  appropriate graduate program. The list of necessary prerequisites is determined by the higher education institution independently.

If a prospective graduate student doesn’t have the necessary  prerequisites, undergraduates are allowed to acquire them  on a paid basis. In this case, Master’s  degree program begins after the full completion of undergraduate prerequisites.

Documents required for admission to the UIB:

*** Together with copies of documents to the Admissions Office there should be provided the originals for verification. After verification, the originals are returned to applicants.

** Candidates have the right to submit to the admissions office a notarized copy of the certificate of entitlement to exemption from the entrance examination in a foreign language (if available):