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MBA Program: ultimately everything is decided by the people, not strategies

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MBA – is a powerful educational direction in the area of ​​business skills formation. How such trend is created here?

  • We select interesting managers – who have a great practical experience in the Kazakhstani market, among them we choose teachers, trainers, trainers and tutors with interesting skills and good knowledge of  the latest management mechanisms, we also pay great attention to their ways of presenting the material.
  • Then we also create programs, which are based on the practical experience of doing business.

Today, we have formed a new understanding of MBA training.

If you work and are concerned about your career, then an MBA program at a reasonable price (double state diploma / foreign certificate) in the UIB Business School is for you!

For those who have initial work experience and are interested in its improvement

General MBA Program development, elective specialization:
System and network management, financial management, marketing, new economy + overseas module of your choice (Czech Republic, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Poland) .
Diploma + foreign certificate. Education: evening, remote, modular

MBA in Business School UIB
Bet on the knowledge to the market demands!
Bet on practical algorithms
Bet on business life hacking


To summarize – our MBA program – is a profound training of basic management and professional business skills. It is general MBA + strategic selection of techniques and skills. Therefore, it is a cheep and effective investment into your education!

Save resources, time and money!

For the convenience of students of MBA program has been designed in such a way that students can combine work and study.

Classes begin in the evening from 18:40 until 21:30 (weekdays), with a coffee break and on Saturdays from 11:00 to 14:00 or 14:00 to 17:00, depending on the schedule .

On weekends and holidays, no classes for the convenience of students.

Simultaneously, students, from the other cities of Kazakhstan can get their education via regional offices of the International Business University in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Astana, Aқtөbe, Kostanay, Shymkent and Oskemen, as well as in all regions of Kazakhstan.

The duration MBA program:

1.5 years of life hacking training + = 1.5-2 years teaching business skills and techniques!

At the end of the program students receive a state diploma in “Business Administration” together with the corresponding specialization, by decision of the State Attestation Commission, there is  awarded an  academic degree of Master of Economics and Business.



Entry Requirements

List of documents:

– Copy of the diploma (diplomas) of higher education applications (notarized);
– Copy of identity card;
– A copy of employment record, or to cope with the job;
– 1 letter of recommendation (not older than one year);
– Provide 2 photos 3×4
– X-ray
– Certificate №086

Requirements for candidates to  the program:

Higher education;
Experience at least 2 years;
Candidates are interviewed.    


Head of the marketing department 
Kazybaeva Alua
+7 702-217-7707
+7 727-259-63-12 (ext. 516)

Project Manager (MBA / Master)
Saule Kurmasheva
+7 701-794-6754
+7 727-259-64-32 (ext. 188)

Project Manager MBA
Bekturganova Akzhan Muratovna
+7 747-123-1723
+7 727-259-80-13 (ext. 403)

Business School work hours
On weekdays from 09:00 to 20: 00,
Lunch from 13:00 to 14:00.
Weekend: Saturday, Sunday

Director of the regional center

Astana. Business Center “Turan 18”, office 410
+7 702 000 28 00

Director of the regional center
Turehanova Indira Berikovna
Aktobe, Business Center “Kapital Plaza”, office 107
+7 701 627 69 68

Director of the regional center
Azdarkhan Zhaudyr Almaskhankyzy
Kunayev st. 21, office 403 

8 7252 921317
+7 702 401 59 05