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UIB University opens new specialties that focus on the realities of the current economic situation in the country. Narrow specialization will help the graduates from the school to choose their future profession, and at the end of the university to become highly qualified.

These specialty promote the formation of professionals with an entrepreneurial, creative thinking and creativity. In addition, graduates will have the skills in analytical, administrative and management activities that will contribute to economic development and enhance their competitiveness in the labor market.

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The specialty Evaluation is aimed at providing transparency of financial processes and the reporting, carrying out estimates in case of receipt of the credits and loans connected with purchase and a cession of property and also for settlement of taxes and the taxation

State and local management

This specialty directed to creation of an effective management system by national economy, its industries and regions. Graduates of this specialty have knowledge in the sphere of management and law, political science and economy, psychology, sociology and other sciences.


Business administration

The master’s program in “Business Administration” is aimed at training highly qualified specialists in the management and control of the administrative and production processes in private enterprises. This graduate program prepares versatile managers with the knowledge and skills of management control, strategic and financial development of the company and other practical skills necessary for business management.


The master’s program in “Tourism” in UIB aims at training highly skilled professionals who are able to apply the client-oriented technologies that meet the highest international standards of modern service industry. The area of ​​professional activity of graduates of the master’s program includes the creation and implementation of the tourism product with qualities that satisfy the demands of consumers, the organization of complex tourist service in the main sectors of the tourism industry. After completing the full course of training undergraduates areassigned an academic degree.

State and local management

The master’s program in the specialty “State and local management” in UIB aims at training highly qualified specialists needed in the field of administration of government agencies and local government agencies. Educational Master’s programs are applied in nature education, aimed at inculcating the management skills and providing professional training for civil servants.


The master’s program in “Evaluation” is aimed at training highly qualified specialists that are needed in all sectors of the national economy, in the ministries and statements, in banking and in international companies. The focus is on the study evaluation calculations when determining the cost of all types of property, land valuation methodology, methods of zoning areas, as well as knowledge of modern legislation, regulations and other legal documents governing the conduct of operations on the market different types of property. After completing the full course of training undergraduates are assigned an academic degree