Scientific work at the University of International Business is carried out in form of both organized researches and individual scientific projects. Scientific projects are considered through a network of research centers, problematics of master’s and doctoral dissertations, topics of scientific conferences and seminars in partnership with scientific centers, institutes and republican representatives.
Nowadays teachers of the UIB are working on fundamental research in the field of business, Finance, new technologies and programmes, the drafts of which have withstood the competition of the state grant of MES RK.

Main directions of scientific research at the UIB reflect core competencies of faculties of “Economics and accounting”, “Information technologies and Finance” and “Faculty of international programmes” in accordance with their development strategy:

  • Business and society interaction, including questions of government and institutional reforms;
  • Strategic management and companies’ tasks, their business-cultures under conditions of business globalization and development of economy of knowledge;
  • Design and development of new technological programmes;
  • Mathematical models of financial markets and financial econometrics;
  • Business management and exchange of experience at the world level.

Research work is conducted not only by the UIB’s teachers but also by students, master students and doctoral candidates of the university who constantly participate in contests on carrying out researches on business issues inside and outside the country.
Scientific researches in the field of economy and business, financial markets and new technologies focused on the international standards form the basis for development of academic research.