Accounting and Audit

Program code: 5B050800
Elective subject of the UNT: geography and maths
Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh, English

ACCOUNTING AND AUDIT is a profession for ages which is always demanded and perspective. During the training process you will learn management accounting, principles of taxation, Kazakhstan and international standards of accounting; you will obtain skills of analysis of enterprise’s activity.

Graduates of this program work as:

  • accountants;
  • assistant chief accountants;
  • financial analysts;
  • financial consultants;
  • specialists of tax and financial services;
  • auditors of internal and external audit.

Employment possibility in:

  • accounts departments of any organizations, enterprises, companies;
  • auditing companies;
  • consulting companies;
  • state enterprises;
  • major companies and banks;
  • departments of the economic analysis and forecasting;
  • departments of controlling and internal audit.


  • accounting of any organizations, enterprises, firms;
  • auditing companies;
  • consulting firms;
  • State-owned enterprises;
  • Large firms and banks;
  • department of economic analysis and forecasting;
  • Controlling departments and internal audit.

Students of this program “Accounting and Auditing” will have the following knowledge of:

  • the processes and phenomena occurring in the modern economy;
  • about the possibilities of scientific methods of knowledge, possess these techniques and use them to solve specific problems;
  • the nature of the territorial distribution of production and territorial organization of the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS countries in market conditions;
  • of processes in the key sectors of material production, in the sphere of finance, banking, insurance and investment technology.
  • know the fundamentals of the Constitution, the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • know the fundamentals of the state (Republic of Kazakhstan) and world culture;
  • know the rules of business ethics, strive for spiritual growth;
  • know the methods of state regulation of the economy;
  • know the fundamentals of modern information technologies;
  • know the organization of accounting, audit and economic analysis, financial management, and human resource management and international economic relations;

Students of this program “Accounting and Auditing” will have the following skills:

  • to develop a rational system of accounting and reporting based on the choice of an effective accounting policy based on compliance with the current legislation and the principles of strengthening the economy of an economic entity;
  • carry out work under the account of presence and movement of assets, liabilities and capital of the economic entity and its determination of the results of economic and financial activities;
  • practically apply the principles and rules of audit of business operations;
  • professionally resolve practical issues of economic activities of enterprises and organizations;
  • prepare the constituent documents and commercial contracts, conduct business meetings and debates;
  • be able to handle an analytical and reporting information for the purpose of economic decision-making and provide an estimate of the efficiency of facilities;
  • anyone thinking, application and use of methods of induction and deduction, and critical analysis; identifying and overcoming unstructured problems and application of skills in solving problems; in setting priorities with limited resources and planning work to meet tight schedule;

Graduates of this program “Accounting and Auditing” have competency in:

  • the current legislation of the state and changes occurring in them;
  • government economic and social policy of the country;
  • professional ethics;
  • peculiarities of accounting industries;
  • organization of the audit and control in organizations.