Program code: 5B050900
Elective subject of the UNT: geography and maths
Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh, English

FINANCE specialty is a range of skills and knowledge in field of banking and insurance, monetary circulation, state and local finances, securities market, taxes and taxation, financial management.

Graduates of this specialty work as:

  • financial and tax managers or analysts;
  • risk managers;
  • brokers and dealers;
  • investment and credit managers;
  • insurance agents;
  • bank employees; accountants and cashiers;
  • economists assistants.

Employment possibility in:

  • banks and exchanges;
  • assessment, leasing and insurance companies;
  • investment and pension funds;
  • auditing and consulting companies;
  • financial departments of the enterprises;
  • financial departments of local executive bodies and treasuries;
  • customs authorities; tax inspections;
  • rating agencies;
  • own business.

Students majoring in “Finance” will have the following knowledge:

  • fundamentals of the Constitution, the legal rules governing the economic processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan and international relations;
  • ethical, legal norms regulating interpersonal relationships between the particular subject and society, man and the environment, take into account that knowledge in practice;
  • the main directions of development of humanitarian and socio-economical sciences;
  • fundamentals of fiscal and monetary management, the theoretical and practical aspects of the financial and banking system, foreign experience of public finance and corporate finance, as well as the global practice of using financial and credit instruments to regulate the market.

Students of the specialty “Finance” will have the following skills and abilities:

  • use the knowledge and skills in their professional and social activities;
  • set goals and formulate the tasks associated with the implementation of professional functions;
  • to find solutions to common tasks and solve non-standard tasks, work independently on positions requiring analytical approach;
  • Use knowledge of the theory of money, credit, finance, law in their practice, to understand the essence of the main phenomena and urgent problems in the management of the financial and credit system;
  • apply the forms and methods of financial and legal mechanism for sustainable and stable functioning of the system, the body of an economic or other activity within the legal framework provided for by legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the international rule of law;
  • evaluate the place of any financial institution in the system of financial institutions and banks;
  • be able to organize the work of executors.
  • computer methods of data collection, storage and processing of information used for professional activities;
  • professional knowledge in finance and credit, legal, accounting and control, business analysis, statistics, legal foundations of business and commerce, auditing, securities market, marketing and management, economic and mathematical modeling, special financial and credit and legal disciplines;
  • practical work in the field of fiscal, banking and insurance, taxation, stock and foreign exchange markets, the legal services of these areas in a constantly changing economic environment.