Information Systems

Program code: 5B070300
Subject of a choice on ENT: physics
Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh

INFORMATION SYSTEMS specialty offers courses aimed at getting knowledge in the sphere of projecting and professional use of modern information systems. Information systems specialists get their qualifications in the field of information technologies and economy.

Graduates of this program work as:

  • programmers, experts in field of computer design, WEB – programmers, experts in field of object-oriented programming (UML& Java), designers of databases in administrative organizations and business structures, computing and computer centers;
  • teachers of computer science, computer cycle subjects, and mathematics in educational institutions;
  • other occupations are related to the application of IT in professional activity corresponding to their qualifications in accordance to employers’ requirements.


  • developing, introducing and operating information systems in various areas:
  • mechanical engineering;
  • metallurgy;
  • transport;
  • telecommunications;
  • science and education;
  • health care;
  • agriculture;
  • services industry;
  • administrative management;
  • economy;
  • business;
  • state and private enterprises and organizations and etc.

Students of “Information Systems” will have the following knowledge of:

  • models and methods of the subject area disciplines of information systems, namely: economy, finance, management and other components of the business activities in organizations;
  • modern models, methods and technologies for the design of information systems;
  • Project management methods and technologies of creation and implementation of information systems in the business activities of organizations;
  • interpersonal communication techniques and group work, the work of management in the development of the group;
  • government regulations, directives, orders, standards, specifications, mathematical models, methods, techniques and technology design, development, manufacture, implementation and maintenance of information systems and networks;
  • Methods of analysis and evaluation of the development, deployment and operation of information systems;
  • international experience in the chosen field of activity;

Students of “Information Systems” will have the following skills:

  • working with the hardware and hardware-software complexes of information systems;
  • Professional search of the necessary information on the Internet, scientific and periodical literature;
  • Selection of multi-architecture and hardware of information systems;
  • Design of information systems and their components in specific areas;
  • Be competent in all matters related to the stages of the process, safety in production and environmental protection.