Program code: 5B050700
Elective subject of the UNT: geography and maths
Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh, English.

Having received an education in MANAGEMENT you will gain knowledge of management of companies and organizations of any field. The advanced knowledge in the field of production organization, financial planning, psychological aspects of management, ability in a complex and consistently solve problems of company development will help you to make a successful career.

Graduates of this specialty work as:

  • businessmen;
  • assistant managers and assistants to group manager or project manager;
  • assistant brand managers;
  • account managers or project managers;
  • quality management system managers; risk managers;
  • HR managers;
  • development managers or production managers;
  • leading and chief specialists.
  • development managers or production managers;
  • leading and chief specialists.

Employment possibility in:

  • big production and trade companies;
  • departments of human resource management and recruitment agencies;
  • various organizations of economic, production and social spheres;
  • joint-stock companies;
  • private companies.

Students of “Management” will have the following knowledge:

  • International standards for quality management and
  • The laws of business organization in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the foundations of the state (Republic of Kazakhstan) and world culture
  • Observe the rules of business ethics, strive for spiritual growth
  • Methods of state regulation of the economy, the regulatory framework of the enterprise placement
  • Basics of accounting, audit and economic analysis, strategic and tactical management, business law, financial management
  • Human Resource Management and International Economic Relations.
  • Assess the market situation and in accordance with changing market conditions make management decisions
  • To analyze the state of the object under study; prioritize, plan time, organize, direct and control the production and management process, to take into account economic, geographic and sectoral aspects.

Students of “Management” will have the following skills:

  • Mobility
  • social moral and psychological adaptability
  • management decision making in the business environment
  • carrying out research work in economics, analysis and management of the enterprise.