Program code: 5B050600
Elective subject of the UNT: geography and maths
Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh, English

A peculiarity of ECONOMICS specialty in the UIB is a combination of in-depth economical and theoretical, economical and mathematical and also a language training course. During studies you will receive a full basic knowledge in field of modern economic theory, study the latest technologies of information processing, statistics, econometrics, mathematical economics and etc.

Graduates of this program work as:

  • businessmen;
  • economists at the enterprises, companies and national holdings;
  • analysts in ministries and local executive bodies, social security authorities;
  • independent experts of export-import transactions as well as in bank/financial spheres. Employment possibility in:
  • medium-sized and big companies, corporations of different branches (mining, construction, production, services, trade and etc.);
  • government bodies, local executive bodies, tax inspections, customs authorities;
  • foreign companies and corporations;
  • scientific research institutes, forecasting institutes of regional and republican value.

Students of the specialty “Economy” will have the following knowledge:

  • Key legal documents regulating the sphere of professional activity relating to the functioning of the economy, its industries and businesses;
  • Methods of state regulation of the economy, the direction of economic policy;
  • Economic aspects of environmental protection;
  • Organizational and theoretical foundations of health and safety;
  • Theoretical foundations and patterns of economic development at the macro level, economic mechanism of functioning of the branches;

Students of “Economics” will have the following skills:

  • Independent mastery of new knowledge, using modern educational technology;
  • Professional argument parsing standard situations in the light of future activities;
  • Use methods of economic analysis of industrial and economic activity of the enterprise and its divisions and assess the market position of enterprises in various industries;
  • Development of investment projects on the basis of standard procedures taking into account the existing legal acts;
  • Use methods of evaluating the performance of sectors of the economy;
  • Possession of planning methodology, the use of the general development of methods and functional strategies for the development of industries.