Program code: 5B050400
Elective subject of the UNT: doesn’t matter, two creative works (composition and interview) have to be completed when entering the university.
Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh

You want to manage public opinion, create images of companies, goods, politicians, parties? UIB will help you to become high a quality specialist in public relations, journalism, press secretary, image maker and will teach you modern methods of public opinion reasearch, promotion of companies, people and goods. There is an educational television studio “UIB Wave” that allows students of JOURNALISM to receive practical skills in preparation of information messages and PR reports.

Graduates of this program work as:

  • Specialists in public relations;
  • Coordinators and managers of PR projects;
  • Press secretaries, press attaches, reviewers;
  • Copywriters;
  • Media planners;
  • Specialists in external / internal communications, crisis communications, organization of events;
  • SMM managers;
  • Advertising managers, brand-managers;
  • Producers, image makers, consultants and image experts.

Employment possibility in:

  • Press centers, press services, advertising departments;
  • Departments of public relations, specialized PR companies;
  • Publishing houses;
  • Marketing / research / consulting / advertising / communication agencies;
  • Training centers / companies;
  • Commercial organizations (corporations, companies, enterprises, firms);
  • Non-profit organizations (educational institutions, associations, funds, political parties);
  • Mass media;
  • Government authority bodies and public institutions, government;
  • Art and show business.

Students of “Journalism” will have the following knowledge of:

  • the fundamental functions, principles and methodological foundations of the theory and practice of PR – and journalism;
  • about the principles of PR – manager, journalist, press – secretary, press – attache, a specialist in the image;
  • Key trends in the development of areas of human knowledge, the specifics of journalistic PR and communication;
  • on the Global Information Infrastructure (GII), the National Information Infrastructure (NII) and their role in the expansion of the information field of Kazakhstan.

Students of “Journalism” will have the following skills:

  • Treatment of journalistic tools;
  • possession of computer programs needed in the creation of the journalistic work;
  • conducting interviews, interviews with figures of science, art, politics, and economic spheres, as well as with other rating figures of Kazakhstan and foreign countries;
  • sociological and marketing research;
  • the creation of web – sites as a means of network information;
  • establish audiovisual communication in public relations;
  • organization and conduct of the press – conferences, round tables, forums and other official media – events;
  • information modeling of different situations;
  • Producing TV, radio, film scripts, festivals, competitions and other fashion and PR projects.