Program code: 5B090900
Elective subject of the UNT: geography and maths
Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh, English

Graduates of this program work as:

  • logisticians-managers, managers of customs or consignment warehouses;
  • administrators logistics companies;
  • warehouse manager, transport economy,
  • managers of customer service;
  • managers of procurement and supply departments;
  • managers for international transport;
  • consultants on the efficiency of the enterprise.


  • foreign trade or international trade company,
  • manufacturing plants,
  • freight forwarding companies on the transport of goods and passengers,
  • companies of material handling and packaging – logistics companies,
  • distribution companies,
  • customs control agencies.

Students of “Logistics” will have the following knowledge:

  • fundamentals of logistics, warehousing, production, transportation and marketing, and sees a connection between these processes;
  • rational organization of the promotion of goods and services from producers to consumers at minimal cost;
  • conducting research in the area of the market of transport services;
  • implementing logistical administration, managing the supply and transport, materials handling and warehousing;
  • how to place orders, manage inventory and product flows, foreign trade operations.