Educational program

CIPHER: 5B090800
Profile subjects : geography and mathematics
Languages: Kazakh, Russian

The program will provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of valuation of real estate, land, machinery, equipment and vehicles, intangible assets and intellectual property, securities and enterprises. The educational program “assessment” is aimed at ensuring transparency of financial processes and reporting, conducting assessments in obtaining loans and credits related to the purchase and transfer of property, as well as to resolve tax and taxation issues.

Skills acquired:

Knowledge of legal acts of appraisal activity, standards and methods of assessment, taxation, customs rules, ethics of business communication, rules of negotiations with clients

Who are the graduates of the educational program Evaluation?

  • appraisers of investment risks and projects;
  • appraisers of collateral;
  • securities appraisers;
  • appraisers of intellectual property;
  • the appraiser and the taxable liquidation of the property;
  • real estate appraisers;
  • appraisers of business and projects.

Employment opportunity:

  • state and tax authorities;
  • banks, credit and investment Finance companies;
  • valuation and insurance companies;
  • Association of appraisers of Almaty and the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • АО «Народный банк Казахстана»
  • АО «Нурбанк»
  • АО «Альянс банк»
  • Independent valuation company «ТОО Bata group»
  • Public service centers (PSC)
  • Land Committee, etc