State and local governance

Program code: 5B051000
Elective subject of the UNT: geography and maths
Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh

State and local governance is the specialty focused on creation of an effective management system in national economy, its branches and regions. Graduates of this specialty get knowledge in the sphere of management and law, political science and economics, psychology, sociology and other sciences.

Graduates of this program work as:

  • at administrative positions;
  • economists of central and local governing bodies;
  • managers of state enterprises, joint-stock companies, production companies, holdings, enterprises services sector and etc.;
  • economists-managers of administrative structures of financial and credit sector;
  • experts of economics branches in social sphere.

Employment possibility in:

  • Apparatus and Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK);
  • Office of the Parliament of the RK;
  • various structural divisions of the Government of the RK;
  • governing bodies of economy and finance (ministries, departments and agencies);
  • local governing bodies (akimats of regions, cities, areas) and offices of executive bodies;
  • national state and private companies, concerns, corporations and others.

Students of “State and local governance” will have the following knowledge of:

  • a theoretical, methodological and organizational fundamentals of state management of the economy, regulation of macroeconomic processes and ensuring an effective balance of the entire economy;
  • fundamentals and methods of the combination of planned and market models of coordination of economic problems whose solution requires simultaneous consideration of national, sectoral and regional interests;
  • the structure and foundations of the organization and the general economic activity of the state bodies managing the national economy and its branches;
  • legal and ethical norms regulating relations in society, defining business ethics specialist;
  • fundamentals of the organization, implementation and efficiency of foreign trade activities of central and local management of the economy;
  • State, Russian and one foreign language;

Students of “State and local governance ” will be able to:

  • carry out relevant scientific and organizational work of the study of economic policy, the definition of targets for the coming period and the development of medium-term plans of social and economic development of the country and its administrative-territorial;
  • applied in the work of state regulation of foreign experience and Economic Planning;
  • develop comprehensive plans for economic and social development of the areas of regions (urban districts) and cities and to know the methods of their implementation;

Students of “State and local governance ” will have the following skills of:

  • the development of comprehensive plans for economic and social development of the regions, districts and cities;
  • production and management activities;
  • creation of an effective system of economic management, its branches and regions;
  • practical application of all known management principles;

be competent:

  • in the field of modern computer technologies;
  • the coordination of national economic problems and to provide an effective balance and stability of the entire economy;
  • the justification of economic policy and the definition of targets for the coming period.