Specialty “Tourism”

Code: 5B090200

Profiling subjects:: Geography + Foreign language

Training languages: Kazakh and Russian

A tourism manager is a specialist who is responsible for organizing a trip for a client, as well as for execution of all the documentation and giving the necessary information. In the training of tourism professionals, much attention is paid to the study of the market and the geography of tourism, as well as to the ability of convincingly and beautifully speaking – it is necessary to be able to colorfully describe to the client his future trip: natural, cultural, climatic and other features of the place of rest.

Where can our graduates work?

After graduating from the specialty “Tourism” at the University of UIB, you can work as:

  • tourism professionals;
  • specialists in the field of tourism management and marketing;
  • tourism industry managers;
  • experts in the field of tourist service.

Skills to be acquired:

Students enrolled in the Tourism program during their studies receive knowledge of: legislation, rights and obligations of citizens in the country and abroad, rules and procedures for obtaining a visa, passing customs; ability to resolve conflicts, productively interact with colleagues, customers, management, representatives of partners, possession of special reservation programs, automation of the tourist office, tour search systems, the Internet and multimedia technologies, the formation of a tourist product: the development of a quality and address-oriented tourist product, the choice of a country, choosing the cities, hotels, etc. drawing up a technological route map, developing excursion routes, identifying places to visit, etc.

  • Kazakh tourist Association (KTA))
  • LLP “Kasni Groups (Kas TOC Group)
  • Hotels
  • Tourist company

Students majoring in Tourism can participate in the international student exchange program and go to gain knowledge in leading Universities in France, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Korea

  • Kazakh tourist Association (KTA))
  • LLP “Kasni Groups (Kas TOC Group)
  • Hotels of Almaty city

More than 70% of teachers-practitioners a Distinctive feature of the UIB is that it is a University of practical knowledge. This is the most important competitive advantage of our educational institution, which prioritizes the strengthening of the practical orientation of training.

Internship programs in companies

Specialized master classes, training seminars, guest lectures from successful people working in this field

The specialized program takes into account the wishes and capabilities of the listener: individual educational and thematic plan contains a list and sequence of disciplines, subjects and their time, as well as the possibility of private consultations one-on-one with the teacher in the main specialized disciplines, in which the listener can ask exactly those questions that he faces directly in his work