Information Systems

Curriculum to the masters program entrance examinations preparation directions “Information System”

Program Code : 6M070300
Study period:
Major – 1.5 years;
Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.
Language of instruction:
Russian, Kazakh

It is difficult to imagine the functioning of a company without the use of information technology: none of the major areas of activity of the company, from production to management of financial and economic system, can do without a corresponding IT infrastructure.

The master’s program “Information Systems” in UIB aims at training highly qualified specialists needed in the banking IT departments, operating corporate networks and corporate administrative structures of different levels, etc. In other words, the specialists of this profile in demand wherever created and operated local, urban, global and corporate networks.

The focus is on the study of  problems in security systems and data protection, the development and support of databases and information security systems, optimal system of user access to information resources of the enterprise and maximize the efficient use of IT resources, the development and application support for work on the Internet and in social networks.

After the completion of the full course of training, undergraduates are assigned an academic degree:

  • Major – Master of engineering and technology “6M070300-Information Systems”;
  • Scientific and pedagogical direction – Master of Engineering Science in “6M070300-Information Systems”.


  • algorithms, data structures and programming;
  • fundamentals of information systems;
  • databases of information systems;