Curriculum to the masters program entrance examinations preparation directions “Economy”

Program Code : 6M050600
Study period:
Major  – 1 year;
Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.
Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh

The master’s program in “Economics” in UIB aims at training highly qualified specialists, capable of shaping the strategy and tactics of the behavior of the company by developing skills of  resource analysis and evaluation the company, drafting development of alternatives for a company and their implementation mechanisms, identify promising areas of investment, development and introduce new products and services into the market.
The focus is made on actual problems of formation of market thinking, obtaining in-depth knowledge of the economic life of society, the methods and tools of its study, the formation of skills of individual behavior in a market economy, training of qualified personnel, deep understanding of the actual processes taking place in the national and world economy. Much attention is paid to the study of market development in Kazakhstan, factors of entrepreneurship, innovation, improvement of  the efficiency of the economy, factors of competitiveness of national economy and business economics, as well as the globalization of the economy and crisis management.

After completing the full course of training undergraduates are assigned an academic degree:

  • Major – Master of Economics and Business in the specialty “6M050600-Economics”;
  • Scientific and pedagogical direction – Master of Economic Science “6M050600-Economics”.