State and local government

Curriculum to the masters program entrance examinations preparation directions -“State and local management”

Code of specialty: 6M051000
Training period:
Professional area – 1 year;
Scientific and pedagogical – 2 years.
Language: Russian, Kazakh

The master’s program in the specialty “State and local management” in UIB aims at training highly qualified specialists needed in the field of administration of government agencies and local government agencies. Educational Master’s programs are applied in nature education, aimed at inculcating the management skills and providing professional training for civil servants.

The focus is on the study of actual problems of the theory and practice of public administration, planning and forecasting of socio-economic processes, the strategic development of the national economy, the problems of regional management. The Master’s program aims at training highly qualified, deeply understanding the actual processes taking place in the national and global economy and politics. After completing the full course of training undergraduates are assigned an academic degree.

Specialty evaluation is aimed at ensuring the transparency of financial processes and reporting, assessments for loans and loans related to the purchase and transfer of ownership, and also to settle the issues of taxes and taxation

State and local government – is a specialty, aimed at creating an effective national management system, its branches and regions. Graduates of this specialty have knowledge in management and law, political science and economics, psychology, sociology and other sciences