Department of “Finance and Accouting”


Kaderova Natalia 

Ph.D., a professor. She has a practical experience as an accountant / economist in the real sector, experience of project work in the field of financing of real investment projects. Member of the Kazakhstan Project of the World Bank on improvement of irrigation and drainage. Increase the project «Agricultural Competitiveness Project – Training of Teacher and Specialists in Germany». University – Hohenheim, Stuttgart (Germany) and the program of scientific and educational exchange in the fields of agricultural economics and marketing of agricultural products, the US Department of Agriculture (in English Language). World Bank course “Analysis of agricultural projects”, Washington (USA)

SmagulovaRaihan Urakovna 

Ph.D., member – correspondent of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan, professor. Wrote text books “Karji narci” (2001.), “Finance, money circulation and credit” (2008), co-authored the textbook “Finances” (2014). She has certificates of advanced training in the United States, Belgium, Holland, South Korea. She was awarded the badge of  Ibray Altynsarin (MES).

Mazhirov Aybar

Practitional financier. International “Citigroup Holding – Citibank Kazakhstan”. Department of international trade transactions. A graduate of the Presidential International Scholarship “Bolashak”, received a master’s degree in “Royal Holloway University of London”, United Kingdom. He graduated with honors bachelor on a specialty “Finance” at the University of International Business and “Advanced Business and Economic English Course” at Brunel University in London, UK. He was awarded the Certificate for active participation in the Astana Economic Forum.

Anna Kredina

Senior lecturer of the department “Finance and Credit”, Master of Science, specialty “Assessment”
She has the experience of scientific and pedagogical activity more than 6 years. Is the head of the “Club prospective appraisers UIB», secretary of the Training of the University Board of Administration (SBA), an active organizer of seminars, round tables to improve the skills PPP SBA, the owner of Certificate of participation in Science Direct and Scopus Training at “University of International Business” held on 14.01.2015 and certificate of the participant of the seminar “Impact factor: analysis of citations and its role in the world of science”, May 7-8, 2014, the organizer – ICR LLP «EDTECH-KZ”.. She has more than five scientific and methodological publications in international scientific journals.


Uteev Bahytnur Zhumashevich


Research interests:
The stock market, the stock market, the securities market.
Practical experience: AMTEK College, University Kaynar; University of International Business (UIB)
Training, internships, study abroad

  1. Certificate: «Successfully completed the program, Stock Exchange Development» organized by the University of Pecs
  2. Certificate: «Impact factor citation analiysis and its role in the scientific world» Almaty, 7-8 may 2014.
  3. Certificate: «Provlems and perspectives international conference» Las Vegas, NV, April 15, 2013.
азамат рашидович
Toktabaev Azamat Rashidovich 

Practicing Accountant. More than 20 advanced training certificates, training in Russia, Japan Sapporo (CERTiFiCATE has successfully completed a Accounting and Audit 45 hour in education at the Alem International Co., Ltd, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan). Member of research at the MES grant funding projects. Associate Professor of “Accounting and audit”.

Bakhyt Erik Bahytuly

Practical experience:
BTA Bank unit support retail operations (BSRO)
JSC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” Dep. accounting
International internship at Montana State University in the United States at the Faculty of Business and Economics.
Certificate: «Kazakhstan Business and Leadership Program Participation Award» Bozeman, Montana, USA
Certificate: «Global Partnership for business»
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Certificate: «International leadership for business» Bozeman, Montana, USA
Certificate: “Innovation and new vectors of development of socio-economic modernization of the” International Forum of young scientists of the CIS countries
Certificate: “Knowledge-Business Innovation”
Anniversary interuniversity scientific-practical conference of young scientists and business leaders
Certificate: “Innovative technologies in the procedure Uniaersitetskogo Education: Competencies and skills” 72 academic hours

“Marketing and Information Systems” Department

Dzhumagalieva Madina Bizhanovna 

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, specialization in mathematics, to stabilize the specialist solid state permanent rotations.
Wrote of 4 electronic textbooks, more than 60 scientific and methodological works in domestic and foreign editions.

Pak Ella  

Master of science, partner of «Up Consulting», a marketing analyst, business consultant in the field of marketing research, and expert in new product development (analysis and marketing expertise).
Development of author’s course “Doing business”.

Berkimbaeva Saule Baubekovna

Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor, specialization in applied mathematics, management automation specialist. Project work: “Stability and control of systems with distributed parameters in a finite period of time”, “Development of intelligent systems for audit and information security management.”
The author of the monograph, more than 50 scientific and methodical works in domestic and foreign editions.


Dulatbekova Nazim Satbekovna

Candidate of economic sciences, specialization in marketing and PR. The author of the monograph, more than 10 scientific national and international publications. He has extensive experience in marketing, was the head of marketing and PR in different areas of the service sector (fitness industry, film industry, show business, retail trade).

“Economics and Management” Department

Bibatyrova Iztileu Aydarhanovna

Candidate of economic sciences on “Political Economy”, Corresponding Member of the “Eurasia” International Academy of Economics, Professor of UIB. She has about 50 years of experience in teaching. She is the author of 56 scientific and methodoligical works, totaling 54.2 printed pages, including 5 textbooks on fundamental academic disciplines: economics, macroeconomics, state regulation of the Russian and Kazakh languages. In 2008, published the textbook “State regulation of the economy”, has state awards – Medal Veteran of Labor (1998), “Excellence in Public Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (1994), honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education (1990) Highly qualified, conscientious educator. She is very much respected among the students and among teachers.


Gabdullin Renat Bulatovich

Candidate of Economy. associate professor, corresponding member of International Academy of Informatization, the winner of the state grant for talented young scientists of Kazakhstan, a member of the Eurasian Club of Scientists economists. He has the title of Laureate Prize in Science and Technology Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation. He is the author of several books, has more than 70 scientific papers published in leading journals and a high rating.

Annakulieva Gulnar Ataevna

Ph.D., a member of the International Academy of CESS – Central Eurasian Studies Society, Harvard University, has more than 40 years of experience in scientific research. She has more than 150 scientific articles, research reports, the author of 3-volume collective monograph. She is the leader of Turkmen Diaspora in Kazakhstan. She was awarded the Order “Dostyk” II degree in 2011. She is the winner of the golden medal “Birlik” 20-year-old anniversary of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan. Member of the Assembly of the Council of People of Kazakhstan. A member of the scientific expert group of akimat of Almaty. She has gratitude letter from the President of Kazakhstan.

Azimbekova Aygerіm Kanatovna

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the specialty “Management”, the author of publications in journals

KKSON MES, Skopus.Chlen research project “Sustainable socio-economic development of regions as a condition for the growth of competitiveness of the national economy,” The authors of 20 scientific articles.

шишкина екатерина
Shishkina Ekaterina Ivanovna

MBA, CFO «ADAM DECOLIGHTCA», practical experience in the financial head of the engineering company “Kaz HIPRO NefteTrans”. She has experience in the project design in the Holding Corporation “Neftegazstroy”. Training experience: «EnglishBusinessCorrespondence» LondonChamberofCommerceandIndustryCourse, courses on ISO 9001: 2000 company leaders,  “Using the Project Expert analysis system to develop financial plans and investment projects” at the same time is a senior lecturer at the Department of “Economics and Management”.

Zhaleleva Sofia Zaynullovna

PhD in “Management”. Research on the filed “factor-target model for strategic management of innovative industrialization of Kazakhstan”, “management model entrepreneurial resources of the national economy of Kazakhstan.” Leading economist in the Institute of Economics.


Department of “Social- Economic science”

Bizhigitova Karlygash Sabyrovna

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the “Journalism and International Relations”.

Winner (twice), the International Scientific Grant CARI – (Central Asia Research Initiative) – «Research Initiative in Central Asia” with the support of OSI (HESP): Open Society Institute, Higher Education Support Program (2003-2005.); (2009-2012 gg.). He participated in many international summer school and seminars on actual problems of historical science. She participated in the writing and publication of the book “Guide to Kazakhstan. Faith – a place of history “in English. lang. ( «Guide to Kazakhstan Sites of Faith -. Sites of History») in collaboration with Italian and Kazakh scientists. Umberto Allemandi & C., Turin, Italy., The presentation of which was held in Astana on November 28, 2011 at Nazarbayev University in the framework of scientific and cultural cooperation between Kazakhstan and Italy.
The author of the electronic textbook on discipline “History of Kazakhstan” in Kazakh language textbook “Kazakh Khanate in modern times”.

Yerzhanova Aymkul Embergenovna

PhD, associate professor, a professor of UIB. Has two medals of the Trade Union of Higher Education “Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “The best teacher of UIB 2008”, a member of the International Eurasian Media – Forum 2007, 2008; International PR – Forum: 2006, 2007, 2008, the first Media Kurultai of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Address letters of thanks of the Eurasian Media Forum and Media Kurultai of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Professor Yerzhanova has been working in UIB since its foundation. She is the author of 50 publications, a number of textbooks, manuals and e-books. Trained at the Leningrad State University, participated in the sociological research of the university, held a series of trainings for training on credit technology Russia Leningrad State University (1998), Canada (2007), United States – (2009), master classes, and has over 10 international certificates. Yerzhanova A.E is a Member of the Association of Sociologists, a member of the City Council for the Protection of Animals. For outstanding achievements in the field of education and science, she was awarded the badge “Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2001)

Abdirov Murat Zhetkergenovich

Doctor of historical sciences, professor, academician of the Kazakh National Academy of education, graduated from the history department at KSU after the name of Kirov (1971.), Worked at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, ASU Abay, Gumilev ENU, KBTU, since 2012 is the Professor of the Department “Social humanities” (now the “Journalism and Defense”), reads lectures on disciplines: “History of Kazakhstan”, “Politics”, “The history of international relations during the new, modern times”, “Introduction to the profession”, “The modern system of international relations”, “Contemporary international conflicts”, “World political process” “Modern foreign policy of foreign countries”, etc. Author of books:. “Cossacks of Kazakhstan History” (1994.), “Khan Kuchum: known and unknown” (1996.), “Kazakhstan’s conquest of tsarist Russia” (2000), “History Semirechensk Cossack Host “(2011).” The discovery of the other America, China, Russia and Kazakhstan “(2011).” “China in the modern global world “(2013),” History of Kazakhstan in the global flow of historiography “(2015)

Tazhina Gainiya Orazbekovna

Associate Professor at the Department of “Journalism and International Relations, candidate of biological sciences, PhD in Biology. Teaches socio-psychological courses in English and Russian languages, she is a proactive researcher in a  project in collaboration with a professor at Columbia University, New York, USA, where she had the internship as a grantee of the Faculty Development Fellowship in 2009 – 2012 years . The results of her research are regularly published in international editions in English, indexed Thomson Reuters, Scopus. Multiple grantees of international organizations in the field of higher education, psychological counseling and practice: 2008 – Academic Writing, Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey; 2006 – English for HE Teaching, Anglo-American Foundation, Almaty; 2004 – Psychology for Counseling, Israel; 2003 – Employee Assistance Program, Healthy Workplace, Ohio, USA; 1999 – 2002 – geshtalterapiya, Moscow Institute of Gestalt and NSU.
Published online tutorials “Psychology”, “Social Psychology” in English and RTMC textbook “Physiology and psychology of work” in Russian.

Irina Zaitseva

Ph.D. (Moscow State University 01.1986, IT diploma number 010 675 of 27.08.1986), associate professor of Higher Attestation Commission (number 047397 – 29/01/92). Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan in 2012 In 2000 – 2006 there were published (in collaboration with Zaurbekova L. R. and Ibzharova Sh. A.) model curricula for special courses of the program “Spiritual heritage of Kazakh people” and “History of World Culture” on Russian and Kazakh languages, as well as manuals on cultural studies and the history of Kazakhstan (in collaboration). She prepared two electronic textbook “History of Kazakhstan” for students of all specialties of UIB (2008) and an electronic manual to prepare for the UNT on the history of Kazakhstan (in collaboration with Shmoilova L.P.) for of UIB (2009) preparatory department. She took part in training on new technologies, analytical activities with the support of the “Eurasia” Foundation (2003), the seminar Dr. K.Paproka “Development of educational programs” in UIB (2005), in training for distance learning and the effective achievement of goals UIB. Classes on interactive technologies in the methodical seminar for teachers KazNAU (2007). In 2010-2011 yy passed trainings Baltic Training Centre (Saint-Petersburg – Almaty) “Interactive innovative teaching in high school”, in 2013-2015 yy – AKHP training seminars for university teachers on the development of students’ critical thinking. Total publikatsiy- 51, including: articles – 42 (including international conferences – 11), model programs – 2, text books – 3 electronic textbooks – 2. UIB students annually take part in the International Conference of the Moscow State University under the guidance of I.A.  Zaitseva and at the Moscow international common model UN MGIMO . Since 2012 I. A. Zaytseva is an academic adviser of the team Enactus UIB. I. A. Zaytseva was awarded the Diploma of Medeu Akimat of Almaty in honor of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2011), Diploma of ALP RK (2014), Diploma of Medeu Akimat of Almaty city (2015).

Barysova Laura Sabyrzhanovna

Senior lecturer of “Journalism and International Relations» UIB University. Professor of journalism, sociology and PR disciplines. She has educational background as a television journalist and Master of Sociology. She has experience in working on television. She received the title of “Best Curator of the Year 2008” and “Best curator of 2009”, “Best Young Scientist 2010”, “The best teacher of 2010”, “Best student scientific director of PR-projects.” “Journalism” is responsible for the specialty. Leader of student PR-projects (Lilac breakthrough, Almaty students, «PR and advertising in Almaty”, and others.). Supervisor of student work in a television studio and the Center for Social Research “WAVE UIB». Member of Kazakhstan PR- professionals. Member of the expert council of competition «Ak-Mergen” Kazakhstan award in the field of Public Relations of the RK NASO.
Head of Applied Research Project: Development and promotion of PR education in modern Kazakhstan. Released in collaboration tutorial section “Modern press service for non-profit organizations” in the book: PR and media business. Released textbook “Modern press-service” for students of specialty “Journalism”. Released 2 electronic textbook on discipline: “TV journalism” and “Modern press-service.” She has published about 30 scientific articles. Annually participates in various regional, national, international and other. Conferences, seminars and training in the field of education, journalism, sociology and PR.