Just recently the university of UIB was visited by an incredibly charismatic journalist / PR / blogger – Alisher Elikbaev! The most popular country-paid unemployed told our students how to be popular, to travel the world and work at the same time.

“My name is Alisher Elikbaev. I am a husband and father. By nature, I’m a slacker, and more than anything I like a vacation: to eat, sleep, swim, surf. I rarely work, just to remind the market that I exist and that I need a little money for food, “-Alisher told about himself.


The meeting was held in the “question and answer” format. There were a lot of different questions. Students were interested in everything: from Alisher’s personality to his his many years of experience. It goes without saying that there were a lot of questions to the person, from whom there’s a lot to learn. Topics were ranging from how to be able to work well and also have a good rest, to be completely non-controversial and have principals in an area such as PR

We would like to thank Alisher Elikbaev for this live chat and look forward to his visits!