On September 23-30 at the University of International Business there was a week of the state language. Various activities have been planned within the frameworks of the week.

So, on the day of the state language, all the University staff and students mostly communicated in Kazakh and thus showed their language proficiency.

There was conducted a survey on the topic “Do you know the state language?” among the 1 st year students.

In the language auction students had another opportunity to test their knowledge of the Kazakh language. Guessing the meanings of words and phrases to find their equivalents in the native language was done in an entertaining and playful way.

Another contest “Business Administrator” was intended for the older audience – university employees. Their manifestation of business skills, done, using the official language was recorded on the video.

The contest “The young blogger” was held in the Internet. Fans of social networking loudly discussed the creative work of the contestants – essays on various subjects – and voted for “their” authors.

Meeting with prominent public figures – Marselen Kamata and Maya Verona became memorable for freshmen. Students first were very shy and asked guests at first timidly and rarely, but later it turned into a big discussion, which addressed such questions as: “Must everyone in Kazakhstan  study the Kazakh language?”, “How is the educational policy of  trilingualism  practically implemented in Kazakhstan?”, “Is it difficult to really learn the Kazakh language ? “,” Kazakhs who do not know the native language … are they Kazakhs? “. In addition to the problems of language, there were discussed the issues of media influence on the lives of young people, the educational value of the media and others.

The week ended with a big concert, organized by students. The melodic tunes of dombra was replaced by a fiery lezginka, lyrical songs by the expressive reading of poems.

The concert was also devoted to awarding  prizes to the winners of competitions Week .:

Orynbasarov Nurzhasu (1st place, “BA”), Oryspaevoy Aizhan (2nd place, “Economics”), Abukhanov Aibek (3rd place) – for active participation in the Language auction.

Encouragement prize went to Halelovu Alisher.

Kamina Kamila (1-place, “IR”), Dmitry Kim (2nd place, “IL”), Medgati Amir Ali (3rd place “IR”) – for correct, complete and interesting answers to the quiz.

Kozhakmet Kuralay Temirgalikyzy (1-place, Department of Management and Business), Bohlen Altynay Sartaykyzy (2nd place, Language Centre), Kabysheva Madina Mahatovna (3rd place, the Department of Management and Business) – for winning the “Business Administrator” contest.

Bisengaliyev Daulet (1st place, “IR”), Gvinyasheva Alfiya (2-place”Economics”), Babahodzhaeva Elvira (3- place “Economics and Law”) for his achievements in the nomination “The young blogger.”

This week was organized by the association of Kazakh Language Center teachers.

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