Hardly you touch the door handle, as the door opens and you are met with flowers and applauds, you are given flowers and post cards. The familiar signature in the “book of visits” seems more like an autograph, because you are in a hurry for a photo shoot.


Familiar celebrity life, plunged our teachers into a light shock. For their professional holiday, we came specially dressed up for the occasion. We have organized a live long corridor, which were the completion of two photo-design, to avoid that it was simply impossible. Each of the teachers had a photo shoot. In the first exposition dedicated to the “Teacher’s Day”, teachers were photographed together with their students. The second design was dedicated to the topic “Initiation in UIB», near which there waited the goddess Aphrodite, presenting an image of the culture of ancient Greece.

However, one  needed to hurry. Congratulations – it’s good, but there will soon be a bell for the beginning of the first class. Teachers in a hurry were running away, thinking that it was over. But at the end of the class, we have prepared a little surprise. During the break students were waiting dressed the costumes and paraphernalia of the ancient Greek gods. It looked like a joke, but a favorable atmosphere was preserved even in the morning, and our teachers agreed to make a few photos with my students.



In two hours exactly at 11 am, at recess, students organized a small choral performance, performed three songs of three generations, familiar to the hearts of every young and adult. Some teachers even shed a few tears. The attention and love that we gave them that day, aroused touching and tender feelings.


Our professors – are our loved ones. We meet with them every day, we  together learn from each other, have the same worries and share the same experience. These are people who will always remain in our memory as teachers, parents and friends. And if we take care of them every day, and at least once a year to congratulate them for this good holiday, our learning process will be much easier and more interesting. On this day, we have developed this subtle relationship between teachers and students, and made a big step towards each other.