A student of the 1st course of the specialty journalism of UIB during an online conference held by the business information center and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, expressed an unusual request – to spend aday at the National Bank.IMG_4663

Daniyar Akishev invited Natalia to a meeting with specialists who were accepted to work in the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the event announced on the online conference to find talented, young, promising specialists and graduates of universities. The proposal had a great response from a large number of applicants, there were send about  960 resumes from candidates, 27 of which were approved for employment. “For this meeting we invited two students – the winner of the online conference contest for the most interesting issue DilnaraTokusheva, a graduate of UIB, and future journalist Natalia Novoselova, who voiced a request to spend one day at the National Bank,” said Daniyar Akishev.IMG_4666IMG_4665Addressing the young employees of the National Bank, the head of the National Bank stressed that “the work in the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides a unique opportunity to use our knowledge and skills, to join the traditions, the corporate culture of our employees and become an integral part of our collective.” Tokusheva  was awarded a valuable gift from the National Bank, and Novosyolova took part in working meetings of the leadership of the National Bank, got acquainted with the work of key divisions: the Department of Monetary Operations, the Research and Statistics Department, the Balance of Payments and Currency Regulation Department, the Cash Management Department, and Work of the Kazakhstan Interbank Settlement Center of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In April, the next action is planned for finding new employees. After a working day in the National Bank, Natalia Novoselova interviewed Daniyar Akishev