Today the guest lecture of the Czech diplomat, political scientist and economist was given by Vlastimil Samek  for students majoring in International Relations. He has twenty-five years of experience in Asia and Africa. Over the past eight years, Mr. Samek is responsible for the overall strategy of the United Nations Public Information in Kazakhstan. The meeting itself was held  as a discussion rather than a lecture.


Mr. Samek told a little bit about himself, about the UN activities in Kazakhstan, as well as the students’ prospective opportunities in the United Nations. Regardless of the course of study every student can gain practical experience in the UN Department of Public Information. Also he was asked an interesting question about whether it was possible to be a representative of the UN and have your own business. Mr. Samek explained that representatives can not have a business, but you can be a volunteer of the UN, in this case having a business is allowed

Many students were interested in employment opportunities for the graduates of International Relations. Vlastimil Samek explained that  there were very few places where IR are taught and UIB teaches it on a very high level. In addition, enrollment this year has increased 5 times because the specialty was accredited by AQ Austria and has received the international status, that is, UIB diploma will be accepted abroad.