WTO Seminars at the University of International Business

UIB University was approved as an academic partner for the World Trade Organization’s RTCP (Regional Trade Policy Course), which provides the university with the exclusive right to organize a prestigious four-year series of seminars for government representatives from 30 countries. Each year, the WTO will hold 2-month seminars for senior officials at the University of International Business in Almaty.

The success of UIB University is the success of Kazakhstan. During the first year of its membership in the World Trade Organization, Kazakhstan became the host of very important and influential WTO seminars, during which top-managers from 30 countries will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the organization and its procedures. Moreover, the participants of the seminar will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the experience of Almaty and Kazakhstan, to assess the hospitality of the people of Kazakhstan and to witness the impressive development achieved by the republic under the leadership of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. At the same time, participation will also have an impact on the academic community of Kazakhstan, as the WTO insists on organizing seminars in leading institutions of higher education with the aim of sharing knowledge and experience between guests and the host university.

Along with the best students, the WTO represents a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors who will visit Kazakhstan and share their extensive knowledge and experience of global trade integration, and will conduct explanatory work on the impact of processes for each of the WTO member countries.

The University of International Business was elected among a large group of competing countries and their elite universities. This confirms the international perception of the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also shows the quality of the higher education system of Kazakhstan, emphasizing the leadership of UIB in business and the economic sphere of higher education. During each seminar, invited WTO lecturers will share their experiences with university staff and students, expanding the scope of UIB knowledge. It is worth noting that the university was already the first in charge of the subject connected with the Eurasian Economic Union, and now UIB is moving ahead to provide its students with advanced knowledge of the impact of international economic integration on the future development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the negotiations, the WTO was interested in creating of a long lasting legacy, and the UIB is committed to the development of a research center focused on economic integration. The development of special subjects on the spectrum of all degrees (17 undergraduate specialties, 4 of which are experimental and ultramodern programs, 11 – magistracy, MBA and 3 PhD) means holding seminars on experience  sharing and research activities that are devoted to the issues of the emergence of the WTO. During the period of cooperation, UIB teachers can join large-scale transnational research projects and thereby join the global network of economic studies of global importance. UIB students will have the opportunity to share audiences with high-level government representatives from 30 countries, as well as to participate in seminars of leading WTO experts. The UIB faculty will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the international economy, economic diplomacy, trade integration and provide access to huge research opportunities.

For the University of International Business, this honor is another confirmation of the quality of leadership, as well as the international recognition of its competence, which follows the awarding of several international academic accreditations: 6 at the undergraduate and 5 at the AQ Austria and top positions in the ratings. In addition, this is proof of the right direction, which we, as the UIB leadership, have determined for the university. This next achievement of the UIB allows potential students, their parents, education sponsors, as well as regulatory institutions and decision-makers, businessmen, and business communities to clearly see that the growth of competitiveness at the international level is not at the expense of the public higher education sector of Kazakhstan, but due to ambitious, rapidly changing, highly competent and truly international universities, such as the University of International Business.

The victory of UIB in the prestigious series of WTO seminars was achieved thanks to the support of Mrs. Zhanar Aitzhanova, currently the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Switzerland (she was previously honoured to head the  RK department in the WTO), and her teams of diplomats based in Geneva, as well as high- Grouped in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Center for the Development of Trade Policy. The University of International Business thanks these amazing representatives of Kazakhstan for their participation.

We are already ready to host the first WTO team – top-level representatives from 30 countries and represent Kazakhstan in the world in the next 4 years of the prestigious WTO-UIB partnership.