Shanghai University of Engineering Science


Location: Shanghai, China

Founded: 1978

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about the University

Shanghai University of engineering science ( SUES ; simplified Chinese : 上海 工程 技术 大学 ; traditional Chinese : 上海 工程 技術 大學 ; Pinyin : Shànghǎi Gōngchéngjìshù Dàxué ) is a public state University in Shanghai , China . He specializes in technical Sciences and has a harmonious development and interdisciplinary communication in areas such as management, art design, etc.

It was founded in 1978 and was originally called Shanghai Jiao Tong University.(上海交区大学机电分校). In 1985, after the merger with the branch of the East China textile Institute of science and technology (华东 纺织 学), Shanghai University of engineering Sciences was officially founded. In 2003, all students were transferred to the sunjiang University campus ..